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Collaborative Law is a method of resolving issues arising from family breakdown when both parties commit to avoid using the court process.

During the process, both parties meet together with their instructed collaborative lawyers and all parties begin by entering into an agreement to work together to achieve an agreed resolution.  The parties and their collaborative lawyers sign a Participation Agreement which records this commitment.

Discussions and negotiations take place within the planned meetings and the parties and their lawyers are transparent about their discussions.  This provides parties with an environment where they can discuss matters freely, they have access to legal advice during the negotiations and they do have the burden of threatened court proceedings placing unwanted pressure upon them.  This provides you each with the freedom to explore more creative and unique ways of resolving the issues there may be in relation to your financial situation, the children’s arrangements or in relation to other matters that could arise.

Collaborative Law

Within the collaborative process, the parties and their lawyers can decide what financial information is exchanged depending on their particular circumstances and decide at the outset what issues are important for them to discuss and what they hope to achieve by the discussions.

Once agreement is reached, the collaborative lawyers can then prepare the documents required to formalise the arrangements you have come to together and take you through the process to conclude the formal proceedings.

If you would like more information about Collaborative Law please do contact Claire Thomas who will be able to help.


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