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There are a number of ways in which the arrangements which need to be made following a relationship breakdown can be made. The main ways are:

  1. Discussions between yourselves
  2. Mediation
  3. Collaborative Law
  4. Negotiations between solicitors
  5. Court Applications

If communication between you is good then you may consider having your own discussions to see what can be agreed between you without the need for any outside assistance.  If you are able to reach agreements between you, it is important for both of you to take independent legal advice before formalising any agreement to ensure that you fully understand the implications for your family before moving forward with your agreement.  A solicitor can help you to understand the implications and consequences and prepare the documents necessary to legally formalise your agreements.

Dispute Resolution

If you cannot reach an agreement between you and mediation and collaborative law either are not appropriate in your circumstances or have not resulted in a solution, then in order to move things forward you may choose to instruct a solicitor to conduct your negotiations on your behalf.  If solicitor negotiations do not result in agreement then then you can ask the Court to intervene and assist in bringing the matter to a conclusion to enable you to move forward knowing what the future will look like.

Court proceedings are costly and can take a long time to conclude and this is why a court application is often the last resort.  Whilst we would always help you to try all avenues and approaches beforehand where it is appropriate, court proceedings can sometimes be the only way in which a particularly complex or intractable dispute can be moved forward.  Should this be necessary then we will assist you through each step and help you achieve the outcome that is right for your family as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

We have a wealth of experience in applications ranging from complex financial arrangements to applications about property between unmarried parties and complicated arrangements for children where other issues might exist such as domestic violence.  If we can help you to navigate through a difficult situation then please do contact us to arrange a free initial consultation.


In these challenging and uncertain times, we are committed to continuing our services. Following the latest guidance on social distancing we are no longer accepting any face-to face appointments, however our staff are working remotely so please contact us online and by telephone in the usual way.

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