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Child maintenance is a regular amount of money which is paid to the parent who has the usual day to day care of the children by the parent who does not have the usual day to day care after separation.

The Child Maintenance Service is the statutory body which deals with the payment of child maintenance.  The Child Maintenance Service was set up in place of the Child Support Agency for new maintenance cases in December 2013.  The CMS can calculate and collect child maintenance for you if you do not have a private agreement between you and the other parent.

If you would like to reach a private agreement, there is a useful child maintenance calculator on the Child Maintenance Options Website which will help you to inform your discussions about the appropriate amount of maintenance to be paid.

Child Maintenance and Family Law

If you cannot reach an agreement about the amount of maintenance to be paid then you can make an application to the Child Maintenance Service to collect the maintenance for you.

There are some circumstances in which you can make an application to the court for child maintenance i.e. if the parent to pay maintenance lives overseas, or is a very high earner or there are school fees to pay.

If you have any questions about child maintenance then do please contact us for further information.