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Parental Responsibility

A mother always has parental responsibility for her child.  A father has parental responsibility for his child if:

  1. He is married to the child’s mother when the child is born;
  2. He marries the child’s mother;
  3. His child was born after 1st December 2003 and he is named on the child’s birth certificate when the child’s birth is registered;
  4. His child’s birth was registered before 1st December 2003 and he was not named on the birth certificate but the birth was re-registered to include his name with the mother’s consent;
  5. He has a parental responsibility agreement with the mother;
  6. He has a parental responsibility order from the Court;
  7. He has a residence order from the Court;
  8. He becomes the child’s guardian.

If you would like to talk to us about issues around parental responsibility to include acquiring parental responsibility as a father where you do not already have it then please do contact us to make an appointment for a free initial consultation.