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Family life and relationships can be as challenging as they are rewarding and the stress of everyday life can take its toll.  Relationships can come under pressure for all sorts of reasons and it may help you to talk to a relationship counsellor.  A relationship counsellor can talk to both of you together or to you individually to provide you with support and tools to overcome the difficulties and find a clearer and happier way forward.

Relationship Counselling

If you feel that relationship counselling could help you and your family overcome issues which are placing your relationship or family under strain then please do see our reference page for details of local relationship counsellors who could help.

If you have come to the difficult decision that your relationship has come to an end then please do call us and we will arrange a free initial consultation with a family solicitor who will help to navigate you through the arrangements that need to be made to achieve the best outcome for your family following separation.


In these challenging and uncertain times, we are committed to continuing our services. Following the latest guidance on social distancing we are no longer accepting any face-to face appointments, however our staff are working remotely so please contact us online and by telephone in the usual way.

For full details please click here to read our latest Covid-19 updates.